Sunny Spring Like Sunday

It’s a beautiful day here and finally we are seeing signs of Spring.  Usually we don’t get this type of weather in February but we’ll take it.  Our Canadian winters are filled with snow, ice, rain and cold weather but this winter didn’t seem as bad as most, or maybe I can say that now that it’s almost over.  It was still very long and I’m sure we’ve got another month or so of dreary weather coming our way but on days like today we embrace the sunshine and enjoy every minute of it.

I love the changing of the seasons and the anticipation of the next one to come but winter is always the hardest because of the lack of sunshine and the feeling of warm air on your skin, it really affect your moods some days.  I’m a pretty happy person most of the time but some of those winter days I really have to talk myself into getting up and enjoying the day.  It’s funny how sunshine and warm weather can have that much affect on us but it sure does.  It just makes everyone so much happier.

img_2431Today I thought I would enjoy the nice weather and go for a stroll through the park.  I even dug out my spring jacket for this event because my winter coat was just too warm for a nice day like today.

So off I ventured with the dog to enjoy this spring like day.  The fresh air and sunshine was revitalizing.  Not a bud on a tree, not many birds to be seen and there are still patches of snow and ice in the fields; so it’s pretty early still for Spring but none the less it is an amazing winter day.

I probably should have worn boots as some areas I thought looked dry didn’t turn out to be so.  Once we got into the soggy grass that became mud there was no choice but to keep going.  Both the dog and I returned with muggy feet but it was worth it.  I laughed to myself as we trampled through those soggy areas  as I could feel the water get into my shoes and wet my socks.

Oh how I missed spring!!img_2434

I think my favourite of the 4 seasons is spring and summer.  Although Fall and the changing of the leaves is beautiful too but I definitely prefer any season that involves sunshine and warm temperatures.

I hope this is the beginning of nice weather to come because I can’t wait for more outdoor venture and sunshine filled days!

Hope you’re enjoying your day!

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