My Just In Case Black Blazer & Other Office Essentials

It’s dress down day at the office and I’ve got my favourite pair of jeans on and a soft cotton top.  It’s nice to be able to come into the office in such relaxed attire for once.  Then all of a sudden I get a meeting notice  for later in the afternoon where many of the executive management team will be present.  You would think I would panic a bit because I was wearing jeans and a cotton top which is not the usual business attire one would wear to a meeting.  But no, I didn’t panic. I am prepared and by being prepared, I mean I have a Black Blazer hanging on the back of my office door.  My Black Blazer is always there, just in case.  So even when it’s jean day a black blazer can take your dress down outfit to a professional one in an instant.

I’ve always had a black blazer hanging in my office ever since the first time I was called into a meeting where I felt under dressed.  That was the one and only day.  I didn’t like how I felt the entire time I was in that meeting and made a note to myself to make sure that didn’t happen again.

I’ve shared this tip with a few of my newer colleagues and I’ve even lent it out to a few of them when they’ve had to attend last minute meetings.   This may seem silly to some people but for me, it’s just something I do to always be prepared.

Over the course of my career I’ve learned many tips and tricks to make my job easier and to also always be prepared for unexpected incidences.  I keep extra shoes at my desk, not just one pair but a few.  Now not everyone has an office where they can keep extra wardrobe items but you could easily keep them in your car too.  I keep a flat pair of shoes because us women know that our feet somedays get sore and I keep an extra pair of dress shoes.  I never have to worry about forgetting my shoes if I’ve worn my winter boots to work that day and I don’t have to worry if my shoe breaks that I will be left either wearing my flat shoes or no shoes!  And yes, I have had a sole of one of my shoes actually become unglued at the tip of my shoe, and they were expensive shoes too but I was just thankful I didn’t trip over myself.  (I’ve had them since repaired)  I guess I just always want to look professional and therefore I keep back up items to make sure that I always do.

Knee highs, those nylons that only come up to below your knee.  I keep a couple of pairs of those and a pair of nylons in my desk.  The knee highs are for during the winter when I’ve worn my winter boots and socks to work.  I just find bare feet in my dress shoes during the winter makes me feel undressed and I sure can’t wear my socks with my high heels.  So the knee highs are there for moments like these. Nylons, also known as panty hose, well that should be a standard for any women who wears these because we all know that a simple snag can lead to a run from you toe to your hip within minutes; and I am not going to walk around the office with nylons on in the morning and bare legs in the afternoon because of I put a run in my nylons. Of course bare legs in the winter is pretty chilly too.  So nylons are a back up item.

Let’s face it, working 8 hours a day in an office you are bound to run into situations where you need stuff and sometimes you just can’t run out on your lunch hour to grab things you need and there is never enough time to run home and get things.  So I keep a few things that probably is in most women’s desk drawers that are essential items, just in case items and you never know when you might need them items.

Here’s my list:

Nail clippers or a nail file (we’ve all broken a nail at one time or another)

Hand cream (the winter months are brutal for dry skin)

Lip Gloss (not really an essential but if you ever want to spruce up your face a simply application of lip gloss does the trick)

Headache or Pain Medicine (most of us women carry this with us in our purse but sometimes we run out, I keep a stash with me especially with office lighting and working on a computer some days headaches just happen, also aches and pains happen too)

Vitamins (yes I keep my vitamins in my desk drawer, I remember to take them at work where as in the morning rushing to get ready and leave the house on time I always forget, so having them at work I see them as soon as I open my drawer in the morning which reminds me to take them)

Breath Mints (again, probably in everyone’s purse but you may run out so I always have breath mints or candy of some kind in my desk.  No one wants to talk to you after your spicy lunch or third coffee so breath mints are an essential)

A Sweater (office thermostats are never regular and you can never gauge what temperature the office will be that day, so I always have a black sweater just in case I get cold.  Just as the Black Blazer, a black sweater matches everything)

Reading Glasses (I keep a pair of reading glasses at work, I had forgotten them so many times that I finally bought a pair just for the office)

And lastly I keep bottled water, coffee, a coffee mug, granola bars, instant soup and crackers at my desk.  I’m not perfect and sometimes I rush to get ready in the morning just to leave without my packed lunch.  I could go out and get lunch when I forget to bring my lunch but I prefer not to eat fast food so if I have a few items that will get me through the day then I’m okay.

When I think about it, most of the items I keep in my desk and in my office are based on situations that have happened in the past that I am now prepared for in the future.

You can never be too prepared for anything!!

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