My 78 Year Old Mom Is A Texting Techie

Today was a big day!! I surprised my Mom with a cell phone ands was thrilled.  In June she will be turning 78 and I must say she’s been doing really well learning new technology.  In fact when her computer or internet isn’t working properly she becomes quite agitated because she has crops to take care of on FarmVille, emails that can’t be read and who knows what’s happening on Facebook.   As her personal IT person I receive those phone calls when things aren’t working like they should be.

My Dad enjoys the computer but mostly he is entertained by listening to music on youtube but my Mom well this is one of her main sources of entertainment besides her regular scheduled tv programs, her exercise classes and doing crafts.  I like to see them both keeping busy in their retirement years so I don’t mind making sure that everything is working so that they can continue to enjoy and learn on the computer.

My Mom actually is quite the techie; she has a tablet as well that she uses when my Dad is on the computer just so she can keep up on her games.  She says it’s a great way to keep her mind sharp.  I think she heard this from me but I let her tell me like I’ve never heard that before.

My parents don’t go too far, just to the local grocery store, the pharmacy, the craft store and doctors appointments but I always tell them they should have their cell phone with them.   My parents cell phone has to be at least 10 years old if not older.  It’s an original flip phone and my Father usually carries this in his pocket because it is so small.  They have the basic plan so they can make calls when they need to.  The problem is that I can never get a hold of them because they never have it on.  I don’t even know if it would ring it’s so old.  I’m glad they have it in case they need it but I thought it was about time for an upgrade.

My Mom being the more technical one of the two of them has been talking about a cell phone for a while.  Apparently all the other senior lady friends of hers has one.  When I heard her tell me this all I could think about was kids saying to their parents that all the other kids had one.  I thought it was kind of cute.  It’s funny how when our parents get older, we almost become the parents looking out for them.

I got my Mom an Android smart phone because it had an inexpensive plan with unlimited texts and more than enough minutes each month for her to make phone calls, not just for emergencies.  I set up all her family and friend contacts, put her favourite flower (a rose) as her screen background and put a bunch of family pictures on there too for her to browse.   I personally have an apple phone so I was curious to see how easy it would be to use an Android phone and it was.

When I gave my Mom the phone she was pretty quick to figure things out.  I explained her all the things she could do and how to do them, then we text back and forth so she would understand how to do it herself.  I was amazed at how quickly she caught on.  I think having a tablet has helped her with that.  It wasn’t 10 minutes later when she asked me if there were any games on there.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  My Mom loves her games.  So I browsed the apps and downloaded 8 games for her.  Her eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.  Now she has more toys than most kids.

I was backing out of the driveway as I was leaving my parents house when I heard my phone chirp.  I stopped the car.  I knew something was up because I could see my Mom standing at the front door with a smile on her face.   I checked my phone and there was a text message from her.  Bye it said.  I laughed and waved.  She got the hang of it pretty fast that’s for sure.   After I was home for a bit my phone chirped again and there was another text from my Mom.  Thank you, this is great.  I love it but love you more.  I replied back with a text and a smiley face.  I knew that would keep her busy because now she’d be trying to figure out where those smiley face symbols were that I showed her.  But once again it wasn’t that long when I received a text back with a funny smiley face.  Smarty pants she is.  Since then I’ve received numerous text messages throughout the evening.  I’m so glad she’s happy with it and is having fun.

My parents have done so much for me throughout the years so it feels good that I am able to take care of them and give back to them even in the smallest ways.  Seeing them happy in their golden years and enjoying their retirement is a blessing.

Now I’m wondering how many texts I will receive tomorrow at work from my Mother asking me if I’m working hard?  I’m actually looking forward to them.

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