S A T U R D A Y Night!!!

Every since I was a child and heard that famous Bay City Rollers song I would sing the words S A T U R D A Y Night and tonight I found myself doing the same thing!! Friday is definitely a favorite day, probably because it’s the end of a work week, but Saturday, well Saturday is a day of leisure.  In the winter it’s mostly spent doing odd household chores, running some errands, doing a little shopping (if you leave the house), cooking dinner followed by a movie and a hot bath.

My Saturday was pretty much how I described it but today I spent the first part of my day watching the Women’s March in Washington, and everywhere else is was held in the United States and even Canada.  I was in total shock as to the amount of people that were there, what a turn out!! And the speeches that I saw were very moving! It’s wonderful to see people expressing their beliefs in a civilized manner while definitely getting their point across.  The live feeds on Facebook were probably seen everywhere by so many!

I called to talk to my parents later this afternoon, as I knew my Father had been glued to the television set since yesterday so I didn’t want to interrupt his channel surfing and tv watching earlier.  My parents told me all about the Presidential Inauguration from yesterday and the Women’s March, even though I had seen a good portion of it all I let them tell me everything they found fascinating.  I think Canadians are as invested in US politics as Americans.  We are such close neighbours and of course our televisions channels broadcast so much US news that it’s hard not to be so involved.  My Father watches CNN daily.

So I knew what they were up to for the past 2 days, just like everyone else.  I’ve been watching the comments my friends are making on Facebook and the pictures they are sharing.  It’s such a big thing for everyone. History in the making that’s for sure.

I had lots of other things to do today so I didn’t spend my entire time watching these events. I did however leave the house even though the weather is drizzly, foggy and chilly.  It’s a mild winter but it’s still winter!!! We did some shopping and treated ourselves to dinner followed by a few of our favourite shows.

I have been so on point with my goals the last few weeks that today I took a day off from tasking things to do.  I just needed a day of whatever! Whatever I felt like doing at that moment, nothing more and nothing less.  I didn’t get a lot of things I wanted to get done but that was the whole point. Today was my S A T U R D A Y, my lazy Saturday and I loved every minute of it.

Tomorrow will be another story because I have things I want to do and get done.  My list is long and never ending and it won’t get any shorter if I don’t make use of my time to complete at least a few things tomorrow.

So on that note, I will say good night as I get ready for bed singing that song in my head.

Saturday night
Saturday night
Saturday night
Saturday night

Gonna keep on dancin’ to the
Rock and roll
On Saturday night, Saturday night
Dancin’ to the rhythm in our
Heart and soul
On Saturday night, Saturday night
I-I-I just can’t wait
I-I-I got a date

~ Bay City Rollers



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