Friends Come And Go But Best Friends Last Forever

Growing up I always had lots of friends and acquaintances in school and even through my adults years I’ve never had problems making new friends.  I am very fortunate that I’m not a shy person, in fact I’m one of those people that will start talking to you in the grocery store line just to make friendly idle chit chat to pass the time by.  I know it’s not easy for many people to be the first ones to speak and it doesn’t come easy to many to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger but then there’s me who will easily make conversation wherever I go.

My career over the past 25 years has helped me develop these people skills I guess but I’ve been this way since a child.  I always had my best friends, and other friends and was friends with friends of friends.  So lets just say I got along with pretty much everyone. Oh but there were a few peoples’ paths I’ve crossed that I would have preferred not to and I’ve had my share of disagreements with many, but haven’t we all.  It’s what we take away from them that makes us learn from those experiences.  Overall, I try to get along with everyone, it just makes life so much easier.  For me anyway.

In my early teenage years I was lucky enough to meet a girl in school.  Her name was Carrie.  At first I thought she looked kind of tough with her long thick dark hair and at the time I was experimenting with my hair, it was short on the sides with a strip down the middle.  My hair was usually spiked up or teased one way or another so I probably looked a little odd to her too.  I always had a bit of crazy hair going on through my teenage years.  I think it was rebellion from the boy cuts my Mom would give me as a child.   So one day Carrie and I ended up sitting beside each other in class and after a few minutes the giggles started and we began idle chit chat.  From that day on we were together all the time at school and started hanging out after school as well.  (We even skipped a couple classes too) We became instant friends and 30 years later she is my closest and most dearest friend of all.  We’ve been through so much that our history almost seems to be intertwined with each others.  We’ve gone our separate ways here and there due to relationships but we always find our way back into each others lives and I can’t imagine a life without her.

One funny part of our history is back when we were kids her Mom was dropping her off at my house and came to the door to meet my Mom.  When they arrived I answer the door and in came Carrie saying hello to my Mom and then in came Carrie’s Mom who stood and stared at my Mom.  Instantly Carrie’s Mom spoke out “Brenda”? and my Mom replied, “Lorna?”  Both Carrie and I looked at each other and said “What? You know each other?” Both our Mom’s laughed and began to tell us that they grew up in Paris, a small town just outside of Brantford,  and they even went to the same school.  My Mom was actually best friends with Carrie’s Mom’s Cousin.  It was such a small town back then that everyone knew each other.   So let’s just say the introduction went very well and our Mom’s chatted about the past and what they were doing now.  Then they laughed how Carrie and I had been friends for a while and they didn’t make the connection.  It is such a small world sometimes but this was just such a funny thing.  People always laugh when we tell them this story.

Carrie is also my training partner in crime and we did our photo shoots together as our reward for reaching our goals and getting in shape last year.


So at the beginning of this year when I set my a goal of getting my healthy self back, so did she.  We’d both taken a break from the gym and our healthy eating habits and so it turns out we both gained the exact same amount of weight.  Don’t ask me how that worked but it did!   When we were training she was always my voice of reason when I needed a little push and even though I really wanted to say something not so nice, she’d give me that look that would say I’m only telling you this because I love you. And I knew it to be true.

Tonight I decided to not go to the gym and do my cardio, I figured I would go for walk or just simply get some rest before another class tomorrow.  Let’s just say my muscles are in need of some down time and recovery is just as important.

I hadn’t really decided what I was going to do until I got that text from the one person who knows me better than I know myself sometimes asking if I’d done my cardio today?  It’s unreal how she knows when I’m taking a night off, I think she can sense my laziness somehow.  And really it’s not that I’m being lazy this evening, I’m just tired. I’ve been doing great in my healthy eating and getting back to the gym so one night off won’t kill me, right?  We that’s what I thought until Carrie reminded me that if I want to reach my goals I have to do some type of cardio on my days off from training.  There’s that voice of reason again and the one person who I can always count on to be there for me, even when I don’t want her to. (Not really)

It’s getting late but I know I have to do this or I will never hear the end of it….and that’s what best friends are for.  Pushing you when you need a push, helping you when you need a hand, and being there for you no matter what.  Through thick and thin.

I’ve been fortunate in my life to have made such wonderful friendships with so many people but this friendship is my favourite and one I cherish every single day since the day I met her.

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