How I Use Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing is all about putting yourself or your brand where the conversations are and using the various platforms to develop a community of followers through engagement, interaction and communication.  It can be very exciting and rewarding once your audience grows; and allows you the opportunity to share valuable information, facts, ideas, pictures or videos.

The truth is that it takes a lot of work and time to develop these platforms and build a community of followers.  The key to success in social media marketing is social communication with your followers by offering useful, relevant and valuable content.  Sharing of videos, how to tips and tricks, interesting articles, latest blog posts, photo sharing.  Everything relevant to your audience that will peak their interest and keep them engaged with your social media updates.

That’s all fine and dandy but it does take a lot of time, learning and dedication to build up these social platforms so patience is of an essence here.  I love social media, I like the engagement with other people and the excitement of watching a new page grow by getting new followers or when a post gets likes.

I’ve been helping people and their businesses build and manage their social media now for a few years and I enjoy finding new and interesting posts and it’s even more rewarding when a client loves what you do and how excited they are when their online community begins to grow.

My favorite platforms are…..


I mostly use Facebook for personal use with friends and family stuff.   I have several facebook pages for my business pages and clients pages.  I also belong to various groups where we share content and ideas.


I am on twitter almost daily; tweeting, retweeting and liking everything I see that interests me.  I use twitter as a way of catching up on news and keeping in contact with other online marketing professionals.  I have yet to post a link to one of my blogs but this is something I should definitely start doing.  (I think there is a plug in for that to make life a little easier, I’ll have to check that out!)


Who doesn’t love Pinterest?  Pinterest is a world of it’s own.  I could spend hours on there just browsing the millions of images.  I try to not spend as much time on there now that I’m focusing more on blogging but I think I may start uploading some images and links to my blog in the future but only if I find I have relevant and pin worthy content.


Instagram has grown dramatically over the past year or so.  The only problem I have with Instagram is that I don’t always take photos with my mobile phone.  Of course day to day pictures of stuff I do but when I want to take really good pictures I use my DSLR and then upload them to my computer.   I do have the attachment for my DSLR so I could remotely upload my pictures.  Instagram is a mobile app, I know I can access it from my computer but can’t upload anything unless it’s from my phone.  I’m sure there are programs for uploading pictures from your computer now but I just really haven’t spent the time on it.   I use flickr for my online photo library but even then I haven’t really been keeping up with it but I should.


Youtube is amazing.  If you’re looking for something, you’ll find it on youtube.  I love the fact that anyone can now publish their own creative videos or release their own music for anyone to see.  What an amazing platform! But again this is so time consuming because you could literally watch video after video for hours.


I used LinkedIn for my professional online resume and maintain my company’s page.


This is one platform that I don’t make the most of.  I have heard great things about Google Plus but have not actively used it.

I’m sure most people have accounts with these platforms but when you are really trying to devote some time to building your online community half the battle is choosing a platform that is relevant for you and your audience!    

There is no sense in spending time building up content or posting to a platform if your audience is not who you want them to be because you simply won’t get the results or community of followers you were hoping for.  A lot depends on your goals as each platform performs differently and offers different types of communication and engagement.

I always suggest that for anyone who is new to social media that they do their own research and decide which platforms and sites suit them best.  There is no sense in spending time promoting yourself or your brand to an audience that truly has no interest in what you do or what you have to share.  Check out similar people and see where they spend their social media time and efforts.   Find a platform that you enjoy working on…after all it’s all about being social and social is fun!!

There are also hundreds of social networking websites online and some of them are very niche specific as you will find on this Wikipedia link:

I have checked out a few of them but I may just see where other like minded people such as myself hang out online.

As your social media presence begins to grow and you find you are having a hard time juggling many platforms all at once you may want to look into a Social Media Scheduling Program to assist you. 

I personally use and have found it to be very beneficial.  I use the free tool so I can only have a limited number of profiles on there but I especially like it for posting to twitter and scheduling tweets when I know I will have limited time available in the weeks to come.  For more online Social Media Scheduling programs simply search google and you will find tons of links to informative articles.

One of my favorite social media sites for information and learning tools is Social Media Examiner and they have a great write up on social media management tools to save time.

And when all is said and done and you are up and running on social media don’t forget to add the Social Media Widget to your blog so that people can easily find you.  I set up a few of my main platforms but not all of them.

Share your social media links with me so I can follow you and hopefully you will follow me too.  

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