My Monday Was A Great 5K Cardio Day!

Manic Monday!! A term often used and one that well describes most Mondays. Why is it that we can fall out of our daily routine after just two days off? Well it is a start to a new week so for me my gym schedule has increased and it started tonight with CARDIO!!  As I mentioned before and for anyone who knows me I say the word cardio kind of with a “Ough” sound in it!! CardiOOugh!  I don’t think anyone loves cardio, well maybe there are a few.   Maybe I should be clear about something though, it’s not that I detest it, I know it is a great way to burn calories and get your heart rate up; I think I just get bored.  I love weight training and my new Tabata class because it’s exciting and challenging.

So I thought well how can I make cardio a little more exciting for me?

I’ve tried doing the cardio switch before.  I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike.  Then I just felt like I was taking rests in between because I cleaned the machine I was on and then moved onto another one.  So technically, I was taking breaks.

I’ve made a million playlists but when I’m doing cardio I find I’m always switching through the songs that just don’t seem right anymore while I’m trying to get through that workout.

I tried the stair master and wow that’s a workout.  I think I’ve lasted maybe 20 minutes on there and it’s a workout all on it’s own.  I didn’t mind the stair master because in a short amount of time I was sweating but the one problem was I couldn’t listen to music.  I had to focus so much on my feet for fear of missing a step that the music was too distracting.  (Okay so I’m a little nervous on there!)

Tonight I thought well why not do a 5K run.  I’ve only ran in two 5K races and they were tough, I’m not a long distance runner.  (I guess I should stop saying that I’m not a runner because I did finish both races and was very proud of I guess I am a runner!! I might not have had the fastest time but I did it, in my own time!)  Tonight I used the APP on my phone called Map My Run.  A fellow co-worker uses this APP for when she is training for her marathons.  She just completed the Disney Marathon, a whomping 46 miles.  I think it was 7 hours to complete….and here I am complaining about 5K cardio!!   Anyway, she suggested a long time ago to use “the couch to 5K program” and this APP May My Run.  So I downloaded both of them a while ago and I’ve used them when I’ve gone for small runs outside before but not often.

Tonight, however, I did 5K and I walked fast and ran as long as I could and then walked and then ran.  The APP let me know when I reached each kilometre and my time so far.  When the APP told me I was at 4K and my time I thought to myself, “this is my chance to make a good time for myself”.  So I ran the last kilometre.  I don’t think I’ve ever ran a full kilometre before without having to stop and take a breath or rest my legs.  So there I was on the treadmill with my earphones in my ears and the APP said Distance 5K.  I was so excited I began to smile like a little kid.  I was actually enjoying this.  I quickly snapped a screen shot of my time because I know my previous 5K races were not very good.  (Well, compared to others who run all the time, so really those previous times were my starting numbers!)  I think it took me 48 and 43 minutes to complete in my previous races.  Tonight I did the 5K in 34:12 minutes.  So I guess I can say I’m a runner now.  At least I feel like a better one now because I beat my previous times!!

I felt good too.  It’s s0 good to be back at the gym.  My trainer was there and he watches over everyone who he’s worked with before and you can see he is proud of everyone who is putting in their exercise time.  He was training a young girl and I think it was her first session.  I could hear her moaning and groaning, oh how I remember those days.  I miss those days when I would be exhausted from a training session and could barely walk to the car but boy the results were amazing.

I guess overall you get out of exercise what you put into it, and if you enjoy it makes all the world of difference.  So my Monday turned out to be a great cardio day!!  I used my time to the fullest today and enjoyed every minute of this Monday.

Happy Monday Everyone….Hope you’re having a Great Day Too!


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