Starting My Life Changing Magical Process of Tidying Up!!

I started reading the book “the life changing magic of tidying up; the Japanese are of decluttering and organizing” by Marie Kondo and I’m actually putting some of her practices into action.

I saw the book while glancing through the pile of new releases at Costco, after opening it and reading a page from the middle I was intrigued.  Although I didn’t buy it.   The following day at work we were all discussing organizing our homes and decluttering some of our wardrobes.  I mentioned this little book that I had seen at Costco but I didn’t purchase it.  For the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of it either.  This drove me crazy for about 20 minutes until I had a meeting with one of the other managers and I mentioned my earlier discussion with my team.  She immediately said, “I know that book” and gave me the title.  I was so relieved.  I immediately looked it up on Amazon and there it was, the little book I had seen that should have bought!  So on my lunch hour and went to the bookstore at the mall and purchased a copy.  That night I began to read it.

I’m only half way through the book but there are sections where she actually gives you directions on how to declutter and organize your belongings in a certain order.  So before I keep reading and forget the first part I thought I would get started.

The first area of clean up is clothing. This out of everything else in my home will be my biggest challenge ever!! It’s going to take more than a day to sort through my seasonal, recreational and professional clothes. Funny thing is I downsized over the past few years so I’ve done this over and over again, each time packing up unused clothes for donations.  But my collection still seems too large for one person and I know deep down I don’t wear half the stuff I have.   After reading this book I finally told myself it was time to really put  an effort into this, follow the directions and purge my clothing.

Today was the day! Now I couldn’t do as the author had instructed because I would be a full day gathering all my clothes and trying to sort through the piles.  So I thought I would start by doing one closet and that’s what I did and using her methods of “does this bring me joy” everything I held an item I was actually able to discard 3 bags of clothing that I’ll donate to the reuse centre. Out of that closet I have 2 big piles of clothes left (probably equalling one garbage bag).  So my next task will be another closet (yes I have 3 closets full of clothes and another hanging rack…which is excessive!!)

My goal is once I’ve semi-purged I will do my final decollating as written in the book.  I’ll make piles of all my clothes by category; pants, tops, sweaters, casual, etc. All of them.  Everything in the house.  Then I will take each piece of clothing and decide if it brings me joy.  In other words, do I feel good wearing it?  Do I like it? If I don’t feel happy wearing it and it doesn’t bring me joy I will pass it on to someone else and maybe they will be able to enjoy it.

My goal is to fit all my clothing into 2 closets.  One for my casual, comfortable weekend and recreational clothing and my second closet will be my professional clothes I wear to the office and to special events.  But who knows maybe I won’t even need that much space.  I’ve already told myself that once I’ve reached my fitness goals I will reward myself and buy some new clothes that make me feel good!!

So the clothing is the first part of this plan, this will be followed by shoes and purses (oh that’s going to need another day) and then move onto books and household papers.

I’m not sure why this is the order in the book and I may be mistaken already but I know I’ll be using this book as a reference until I’ve reorganized everything and decluttered! This was another item on my new years list and I feel great that I’ve been able to start the process of putting my life in order.

It’s a great read for anyone who wants to find some inspiration to finally tidy up!!


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