First Tabata Class and I’m Hooked!

I’ve been slowing getting back into a gym routine, last night I attended a Tabata Class that is being offered at my gym.

I’ve never been to a Tabata class before, I’ve heard about them but never went.  So I figured I’d give it a try to finally throw myself back into gym mode.  (Beast mode is what they call it at my gym)

I go to a smaller local gym in a town with a population less than 12,000.  Everyone knows everybody! It’s a great gym, the owner is there all the time and he was my personal trainer.  Everyone is very supportive of each other and no one is judgmental of anyone no matter there level of fitness.  You will always find someone who’s been training or exercising for a while helping out the newcomers or offering them words of encouragement.  It’s a 15 minutes drive for me from where I live but its worth it.

I worked out a the local gym here in my hometown but I just didn’t feel motivated there and it was more like a fashion show rather than a place to get fit and feel energized.   I guess I also feel a sense of encouragement going back to the gym considering I am one of the success stories from last year and my picture from our fitness photo shoot is hung up on the wall with an inspirational quote.  Everywhere you look around our gym you will see fellow members who worked hard to achieve their goals and are inspiring others through their success stories and photo shoot pictures.


My photo shoot was in April 2016 so it wasn’t that long ago but long enough.

My goal for this year is to be the same weight and feel as great as I did last April….this April!!!

And I’m working on it!

First step was starting with my healthy eating and now getting back to the gym on a regular basis.




So the Tabata class was over 45 minutes long.  Like I said, I haven’t really been to the gym and put that much effort into my fitness in months so 45 minutes of intense exercise was challenging.  Let’s just say that today I am feeling every muscle I worked last night.

Tabata is known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and I agree with that because it was definitely high intensity!! Although we could go at our own pace.

We did a series of 4 exercises; doing each exercise once for 20 seconds with 10 second rest before doing the next exercise.   After we completed all 4 exercises there was a rest period. Then back to the start of the series of exercise again; repeating 20 seconds of intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest.   This was repeated 4 times.

Then it was on to another series of 4 exercises using the same timing method; following by another series of 4 exercises and then another! (4 sets of 4 altogether!!)

The first series was cardio focused to get our heart rates up, the second series was using weights focusing on our arms, shoulders and mid-section.  The third series was legs, glutes and hamstrings.  The final series was abs and core.  At the very end we did a cool down session with some stretching.

This was a great workout!  Tonight I will be doing some stretching and maybe go for a walk to loosen up my muscles.  I know from past training that I will feel the effects of my exercise even more so tomorrow.

So if you haven’t tried a Tabata class I highly recommend you give it a try.  I liked it! I groaned and complained as usual but afterwards when I was finished I was proud of myself and that I was able to do all the exercises.  I’ll be going twice a week now to this class and pushing myself through some cardio sessions in between.   (Ugh Cardio!!)


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