Conversion Advertising In The Social Media Digital World

Social media is just a part of the digital marketing world.  The evolution of digital marketing has taken over print media adverting and direct to consumer marketing.  In the old days of print media businesses would develop an ad and then pay a large amount of money to have this published in a magazine or flyer, it would then be distributed to a consumer or a targeted market.  After the publication, the business would try to develop ways in which they would see a return on their investment but this was difficult to do.  Only through a specific call to action from the audience could they see how effective their ad was and this took some time too.  And even then, there was a lot of question on how effective an ad truly was.

Today, digital marketing allows us to immediately see the results of our marketing efforts through analytics.  Once an ad is placed online businesses can now obtain information immediately on the audience who actually saw their ad and if it resulted in a conversion whether it be a page like, a new follower, a visit to a website or a sale.  Details on demographics can be narrowed down to specific countries, regions, gender, and age.  It is amazing how much information can be gathered almost immediately after the campaign goes online.

This revolutionary way of marketing allows businesses to allocate money to various advertising campaigns and easily change campaigns that aren’t resulting in great returns.  It also is a great way for marketing professionals to analyze how best to use their marketing dollars and which campaigns overall are the most effective.

There is a lot of new terminology that is being used in the digital marketing world and it can sometimes become a little confusing when you are an old-school marketing professional who has taken the leap into the digital pond.  I was one of them but I found that learning these does take time but afterwards the language becomes very familiar and you soon have a better understand of what the key terms mean.

Conversion for example is a term I used in the previous paragraph and it is one you see a lot when reading about online advertising.  Conversion is how your ad or campaign resulted in converting to a new follower, a lead, a sale.  You literally converted a person from being a reader or viewer to a follower or a customer.  So, when you see the term conversion rate it merely means the rate in which conversions are happening once people view your ad.  If 100 people saw your ad and that resulted in 20 people ordering from your website; then your conversion rate would be 20% for that particular campaign.  For many this will sound like I’m trying to teach you the alphabet and you are fully aware of what this means but for other people who may not have had the chance just yet to dabble in the online marketing space this might be helpful to you.  Either way learning the lingo is the first step to understanding how everything works now in the digital marketing world.

Social media is about communication and specifically communication among a target audience.  The idea around social media is to create conversation among yourself and your followers that indirectly help promote your brand or business.   Social media advertising has become one of the most popular and lucrative forms of marketing and as mentioned before has replaced many types of print media.   But the one thing about social media advertising is that you don’t have to advertise strictly to the people who are already engaging with you on social media.  You can reach far beyond your followers through paid advertising on social media sites.   These ads can be used to gain new followers to your page or direct people to your website.  You decide what your call to action will be and in the end the conversion you are aiming for.

There are many social media platforms to choose from that will help you reach your targeted audience.  The key is to find the one that is best suited for you and your business, build up your following through communication and community engagement.

I am an advocate for starting out simple and focusing on one thing at a time.  I’ve seen it all too often where businesses (and individuals too) think they need to be on every social media site to make their online marketing the most effective.  This just isn’t the case.  You can’t truly put the care into multiple social media platforms when you are just starting out, so I always tell newcomers to pick one platform to start, work on it, build it and then branch out from there.

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