Setting Up My Content Calendar

It was time I set up my own content calendar! My goal through this blog was to spend some time daily writing about my life, my passions and anything else that I felt like sharing both personally and professionally.  I have a list of ideas and assorted notes that I’ve developed over the years for writing subjects and I’m constantly thinking of new things I can write about.   The one problem I am starting to face after 9 days of blogging is I have been asking myself, “Have I written about that” or “Did I include that idea in my last post?”

This has brought me to the notion that I needed a content calendar.  Not to focus so much on strategically scheduling posts or ideas but to keep track of what I’ve written about and a list of titles I’ve used.  After all being organized is a major goal for me this year so this does include my blog as well.

As mentioned before I’ve worked with clients and helped them set up their blogs, one thing I always do for them is create a content calendar to get them started and keep them focused.  So it only makes sense that I do this for myself.  I really wanted this to be more of a journal type blog but I still need to keep some order in my posts and keep track of the subjects I’ve written about.  After all, no one wants to read something I’ve already written about and after a few months of blogging this is bound to happen if I don’t keep everything tracked and organized.

So, today I spent some time and created a monthly calendar sheet in excel for 2017.

I love using excel for organizing projects or anything information related.  It’s so easy to cut and paste, add columns and add new sheets.  You can keep so much information in one file but separate it with various tabs.  It’s one of my favorite programs and I use it constantly.

This is what my content calendar looks like today…..


As you can see I’ve added some tabs to this file already so I can keep everything I need all in one file:

  • Blog Ideas:  This is the section where I can keep all my blog post ideas together and add new ideas as they come to mind
  • Post Ideas:  I added this section so I can keep interesting posting ideas I may think of or come across on my social media accounts
  • Website Links: Here I will keep a list of my favorite websites (mainly for stock photos and sites I visit often to keep up to date with the latest trends; these may even be sites I might include in some of my blog posts).   I do bookmark my favorites sites on my computer at home but if I’m writing remotely I will be able to have this information available to me.
  • Tags: I will keep a list of the current tags I use and possibly tags I might use in future posts.  (Sometimes I will research to see which tags are currently trending)  It’s just another area for me to keep the information I collect well organized.
  • Social Media:  I often set up a posting schedule for various social media sites but I do use Hootsuite to help me manage this but here I thought I might keep some of the accounts I am using and information that I may want to keep on hand.  This may turn into a section for my social media posts but I haven’t gotten that far yet.
  • Notes (To Do):  Here I am keeping a list of things I want to do and eventually add or achieve through my blog.  I also have some research that I was hoping to spend some time on so this will be the place that I will keep a list of what I need to do.


No matter how you decide to set up your content calendar or organize your information one thing is for certain, when you are organized you can find what you need much easier than sorting through piles of paper or a long disorganized text file.

I’m feeling very accomplished today after setting this up and have already begun to add my various notes over to the Blog Ideas section.  Now I can keep track of every blog post I write and it’s title.

Funny though, after looking at the calendar …..a year is a long time….more than enough time to get everything done I want to do this year.

365 days, 8760 hours!

PS:  If you aren’t currently using Hootsuite you should check it out!! Another favorite program of mine!


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