Celebrating Small Milestones Keeps Us Working Towards Our Goals!

It’s been one whole week of blogging and I am taking this proud moment to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Why shouldn’t we celebrate small milestones? After all, self encouragement and a feeling of pride will only keep you moving towards your overall end goal.  So with that I am proud to say I’m on my way to becoming the blogger I’ve always wanted to be.

I’m just as proud of myself that I20717-nelson-mandela-quote-remember-to-celebrate-milestones-as-you have stuck to my healthy eating so far this week without fail.  No sugar, no carbs and lots of protein.  It’s not easy to detox from sugar after the holiday season.  All those delicious squares and home made treats are just too good to pass up but at some point you have to say enough is enough. Mainly when you start to feel uncomfortable in your own clothes.  Next up is setting up a my gym schedule and get started this week.  There’s going to be some sore days ahead but I know from experience there is nothing sweeter than the feeling of being healthy and fit; and of course all the wonderful comments people have to say about you when they notice you’ve lost weight and are dressing more stylish because you feel good in your clothes.  I can’t wait to have that feeling again and I will!

I’ve seen a lot of posts online lately about taking back control of your life.  A lot of these posts are in reference to fitness and losing weight but this really could be about life in general.  It’s hard sometimes to admit that we get caught up in daily routines and tasks without noticing that we aren’t really living or doing the things we enjoy.  By the time the day has ended we haven’t really accomplished very much and wonder where the day went.  My focus this year is utilizing my time to the fullest and not wasting any of it.  Now that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a couple boards of Candy Crush or a few television programs here and there but when I refer to not wasting time, I’m mostly referring to those hours that slip by and I can’t recollect what I’ve actually done.  So my focus for this year is to enjoy every minute of my day to the fullest!  And with that I will be celebrating my small milestones every step of the way!

Today is Sunday and it’s my day that I prepare for the week ahead so I’ve been busy today prepping my meals for the week…well until at least Wednesday.  Cooked boneless chicken breasts, lean beef and root vegetables.  Now I just have to prepare the rest of my vegetables and I’m all set. This makes my life so much easier than trying to get my lunch ready in the morning or trying to figure out what to eat when I get home from work.

So if there was any advice that I could give to anyone right now it would be to choose a goal, set out a plan, work on that plan every day, celebrate your small milestones and keep going.  The reward will be reaching that goal and the feeling of self accomplishment.

And Congratulations to anyone else celebrating a small milestone today!!





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