Creating A Vision Board For Daily Motivation & Inspiration!

Have you ever created a vision board?

Well this is a first for me.  I heard about this last year from a friend who had attended a selling seminar and they had all created vision boards to inspire them to follow their dreams.  Apparently when you see something on a daily basis it creates a vision of where you want to be and therefore you work that much harder to get there.  Seems logical, whether or not it works, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

At the office in between Christmas and New Years we always use this time to re-organize files, clean up our offices and work areas as well as plan and goal set for the new year.  Similar to what I was doing in my own personal life too.  I had spoken to my team about creating vision boards and thought this would be a good team building exercise but on a personal level.  Everyone was thrilled at the idea and immediately we all started speaking of things we would want on our vision board.

One of the girls who is getting married at the end of the year made her vision board focusing on what she wanted to accomplish throughout the year in order to have her dream wedding.  It was carefully crafted of pictures of wedding venues, a picture of her dress and inspirational quotes about love and life as a newly wed couple.  It was beautiful.  The other girl created a vision board using her artistic talents and painted soft watercolor pictures of places she enjoyed and places she wanted to go.  She finished this off with inspirational quotes in stylish calligraphy type fonts.   It was remarkable to see two different people and their finished vision boards.  Now both of these ladies are graphic designers and highly creative by nature so it was no surprise to me that their vision boards looked like they were done by professional artists because in fact they were.  They were both beautifully done.

My vision board was completely different.  I had cut out quotes and pictures from magazines of things I wanted to accomplish this year and things I wanted to strive for in my future.  But mostly it was a board made up of reminders of the things I liked and wanted to enjoy so that I wouldn’t lose sight of my goals for the year.  I took all these magazine clippings and using a glue stick made a collage on my board.  So lets just say that my board doesn’t have the artistic flare as the other boards but it does reflect everything I hope to achieve this year.  Besides who didn’t enjoy those school days of cut and paste!

And so here it is…my vision board for 2017.


As you can see a lot of my clippings focus on my goal of healthy living and enjoying the outdoors this year.  We all proudly have our vision boards displayed on the back wall of our desks so that we can see them all day and every day we are here at the office for daily inspiration.

Someone asked me about the clipping “INVENT A CAN OF COKE” and the meaning behind it.  Well, who wouldn’t want to be the person who invented coca cola, after all it is one of the most well known products around the world.  I guess this is my way of saying that I strive to do something great or possibly someday have a product that is sold around the world who knows.  This quote just caught my attention and I loved it.  Why not shoot for the moon in all that we do?  How does that saying go?  If you shoot for the moon and miss, you will land among the stars? Or something like that.

So if you’ve never made a vision board, I suggest you give it a try and if anything it allows you time to be a kid again and be creative with cut and paste!

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