Broken The Blog Barrier and Now I’m Blogging

Since I’ve begun this new blogging journey of mine I’ve found myself constantly thinking of ideas for things to write about.  It’s only been 4 days since my blog went live but I feel like I’ve finally broken that barrier and have a platform that I can write about anything I so desire.   I’ve kept notes of ideas I’ve had over the years but lately I have a million things coming to mind.  I’m excited about the possibilities and I am hoping to incorporate not only my personal interests and hobbies but also a lot of what I have learned over the years working with clients and throughout my professional career as a sales and marketing professional.

Now having gone through the process of setting up a blog for myself, choosing a name and writing that first entry I now understand why my clients had such a hard time developing their own sites. It’s one thing to set up a blog surrounding a business or a service but to set up a personal one is another story.  I’m just glad that I was able to help a few of them through the process and they’ve been able to maintain their sites on their own because it is such a rewarding experience once you get started.  I think having an outside view is always helpful, sometimes you just don’t see what others see when you’re closely involved in something.  It’s also very difficult sometimes to decide on a subject when you have so many interests in mind.  This I now know from my own experience.  It is so much easier if you have a single niche subject that you are passionate about and you can write about it without hesitation.

When I set out to finally set up my blog and sat down to develop a plan, which is always one of the first things you should do, I tried to find a single subject that I was passionate about, a subject that I could write endlessly about and one that people would be generally interested in reading.  So, I made a list.  My list was long!  It’s not that I think I’m a guru on these subjects by any means, but I have so many interests and I am passionate about so many things in my life.  Whether or not anyone else would find what I had to say about these subjects would be another thing.  So I continued this exercise and as I made my list I realized this was not going to be an easy task at all!!  By doing this it really did help me understand the struggles many people must go through. 

This is how my list evolved….

Firstly there are my professional subjects which I’m always passionate about; business, sales, marketing, branding, social media, writing and the latest technology.  Then there were the subjects that I enjoy and am passionate about in my personal life; healthy living, beauty, home decor, organizing, painting, crafts, photography, healthy living (eating and keeping active), entertainment and reading…seems like a lot but actually this is a short list.  I do like to keep busy (maybe that’s why I find there isn’t enough time in the day!) I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about all of these subjects, these are more of what I am interested in and enjoy so knew I needed to narrow this list down quite a bit in order to find my “niche”.   My short list of combined subjects both professionally and personally became business, marketing, social media, writing, painting (which I figured covered home decor and crafts), healthy living, photography and reading.  So now I was down to eight subjects but one thing was certain, my subjects were all about creativity in some form.  I guess overall I like to be creative, maybe this is my niche?
So I thought maybe I should spend time looking at all of these subjects more closely and what they all had in common.  Afterall, why couldn’t I write about a variety of subjects if they all have a familiar “niche”.  It seems I have a very eclectic taste so it’s very difficult for me to narrow down just one subject.  As much as I emphasize with clients the need to focus on one specific subject I decided I might myself push the envelope, after all why couldn’t I branch out to a variety of subjects that have a common theme and ultimately make up a collage of what I am passionate about.  At that moment I finally realized what the common element was in all my subjects; it was me and my passion for creative subjects. 

 So there I had it.  This blog would be about me, for my own writing experience and enjoyment while sharing my creative passions in both my professional and personal life.  And with that I did it, I found my niche.  I would not only be able to write about all the things that I enjoy but also offer insight into the subjects that I know.  I would blend everything into one and hopefully I will acquire readers that will find me a bit interesting enough to follow me to find out what I am up to next.

So we’ll see how this all unfolds as I continue this journey of blogging a little bit every day!  (30 minutes out of my 1440 minute day)

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